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Our clinic offers services to support feeding development in typical children as well as those with significant medical or developmental complications.  

Feeding therapy is beneficial for infants and children presenting with:


•  breast and/or bottle feeding difficulties (including infants with tongue and/or lip ties)

•  difficulty transitioning to baby food, table food, or cup drinking

•  texture aversions (gagging on lumpy purees or certain table foods)

•  difficulty biting and chewing foods appropriately

•  poor weight gain

•  extremely limited food repertoire (accepts less than 30 foods consistently)

•  rigid mealtime behaviors (accepts specific brands of food only, particular about

   presentation or order of foods)

An initial evaluation will be completed by a speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist specializing in feeding, however other providers may also be involved in your child's care based on their individual needs.  

  • Occupational therapy may also address underlying sensory processing challenges which are contributing to feeding difficulties in infants, toddlers and children.  

  • A physical therapist may be involved in the care of infants who present with a head turning preference, Torticollis or asymmetry/tightness in the jaw or neck and are struggling with breast- or bottle-feeding. 


An evaluation summary and comprehensive treatment plan will be created for the family and shared with the child’s pediatrician and other healthcare providers, such as the gastroenterologist, neurologist, Early Intervention team, and/or school-based therapists, involved in the his/her care. Individual therapy sessions and home programming strategies will focus on each child’s individual goals and needs.


Outpatient-based feeding services are also appropriate for children who have:


  • been receiving home-based therapies (SLP or OT) but have not progressed with feeding

  • diagnoses such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or Prematurity

  • been primarily G-tube fed and are progressing to oral feedings

  • multiple developmental needs

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Also check out our online feeding resource: for helpful articles and strategies for breast/bottle feeding, transitioning to purees and table food, cup drinking, and much, much more!

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