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Feeding Difficulties in Preschool and School-Age Children


Continued difficulties in children over the age of 3 are often described with the terms PICKY and PROBLEM feeders.  If your child demonstrates the following difficulties, support can be provided to help improve the quality of your family mealtimes:


  • Extremely limited food repertoire (less than 15 foods eaten consistently, refuses food groups)

  • Rigid mealtime behaviors (only eating certain brands of foods, foods must be prepared a certain way, etc.)

  • Texture aversions (refusals, gagging, vomiting)

  • Suddenly refuses a food they previously preferred and never eats it again

  • Mealtime anxiety (often becomes very upset, gags or retches at the sight/smell/taste of a new food)

  • Failure to participate in family meals (leaves table, tantrums, etc.)

  • Difficulty participating in social activities involving food

  • Poor weight gain and/or nutrition concerns



To learn more about the approach to feeding therapy provided at the Step by Step Feeding Clinic, click here.


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