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Returning Spring 2023!

Baby GRO Drop-in Class

(Gross Motor, Release Exercises, and Oral Motor Activities)

Parent and baby group for infants under 6 months of age to support appropriate positioning, movement, and feeding skill development.
Co-led by Stacia Paganelli, feeding specialist, and
Shelby Withiam, physical therapist

This group is great for young infants:
struggling with tummy time
prior to and after tongue/lip tie revisions
with head turning preferences or Torticollis
working towards rolling (between 4-6 months)
with breast- and/or bottle-feeding difficulties
born full-term or prematurely

This group is not to replace individual therapy if needed, but can be a complement to or transition to or from additional support. Come as needed and receive the professional support you and your baby deserve!




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