Toby, age 18, Cerebral Palsy
February, 2018



Toby's parents contacted Step by Step Intensives after reading Dr. Karen Pape's book, The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk. Toby had been losing function over the past four years and that he was now barely able to walk with his walker. He is going away to college later in the year and  they would like him to regain his ability to walk short distances and to stand up.

When asked, Toby was not optimistic that he will be able to regain his mobility because in spite of years of therapy his motor function had still regressed.

Significant change in gait with alignment and training

Toby's story made the news

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When we looked at Toby's posture and overall alignment, we knew that is where we needed to start our intervention.

Just like in sports, an improvement in performance cannot be expected without proper alignment of the entire body.

We contacted Alignmed, a California based company that manufactures alignment garments for athletes. Alignmed offered to work with us on finding the best possible trunk/body support for Toby.

The Alignmed upper body shirt immediately improved Toby's upright posture and made him ready to work on standing and walking.

At the end of the intensive, Toby described the Alignmed garments as the foundation for the work and results he saw during the week.

Click here for a direct link to Alignmed's rebate program

Toby's perspective on the Step by Step CP Intensive

Toby's mother:

I read Karen Pape’s book called The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk this fall, and my jaw dropped when I read about a particular case study – it sounded exactly like my 17 year old son Toby. Toby has had ongoing Physical Therapy for his whole life. We were warned that once he hit puberty, he might decline in his skills. He did. Moreover, Toby gave up hope – after a lifetime of being told that he wasn’t doing enough, and after years of not seeing any improvement, he had powerful emotional resistance to physical therapy. Toby’s progress this week has been nothing short of mind-boggling: He is several inches taller (I had no idea he is 6 feet tall!), he stands with beautiful and efficient posture, and his walking is now much easier and more effective. Plus – in his words - he now “looks like a normal person walking”. Toby is starting to embrace the need to stay physically active for his own health, and to see the benefit of ongoing activities which support his physical abilities. As he flies towards leaving the nest for college, I could not be more thrilled.

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