age 4. Spastic Diplegia

Day 3: "You are the first PTs ever  to actually talk to Jacob and explain what he needs to do, what muscles to activate and how. He understands and now look at what he can do. He is so proud of himself"

Shannon, Jacob's mother

Jacob's mother read Dr. Karen Pape's book, The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk and she knew right away that her son would be able to improve his function.

Jacob, a twin, was born prematurely at 30 weeks gestation.

At age 1, doctors predicted that he would most likely never speak, sit or walk.

It was immediately evident that Jacob's trunk was very weak due to low muscle tone. It was difficult for him to breathe and speak.We fitted him with a Spio compression garment.

The change was immediate!

Once Jacob learned how to activate key muscles, he was able to stand independently for several minutes.....and he was so proud of himself!

Only two days into the intensive, Jacob took his first independent steps!

Jacob's mother talks about the intensive,  what she learned and what her plan is going forward.

Jacob went home with a detailed home/school program that included goals.  In addition, recommendations for a different AFO design and other types of alignment supports that will help ensure continued progress of the skills he learned during the intensive.

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