Kamele, age 9

Difficulty with coordination and Speech

Received PT, OT and SLP for 5 days

Kamele attended a 5-day Step by Step CP Intensive in February, 2018. She presented with difficulties with coordination, bilateral hand control, tremors and dysarthria.

Her program consisted of an hour of OT and PT and two half hours of speech every day.

Kamele made excellent progress during her stay at Step by Step. Most noticeable were improved hand writing and better speech intelligibility.

Excerpt from Kamele's mother's facebook review:

We just finished our 5 day CP Intensives at Step by Step Therapy Center and I hope this review can reach other families in need as this program was truly a game changer for our family. At first glance, it appears to be your typical therapy center, small and quaint next to other small businesses, but there is nothing small happening at Step by Step Therapy; big and extraordinary things are taking place here unlike anywhere in the country.

As a single, full-time working mom of a globally impacted child, I was overwhelmed between all the PT, OT, Speech Therapy and assigned exercises I was implementing at home each day. As my time is limited, I needed a prioritized and integrated therapy plan that was targeting the root cause of my daughter's gross motor, fine motor, and speech motor dysfunction. No one could tell me why my 9 year daughter had difficulty holding a pencil, buttoning her shirt, or locking the door to our home. No one could tell me why she had difficulty speaking clearly, riding a bike or learning how to cartwheel. I kept asking myself over and over again, "how can anyone prescribe treatment if you don't know what's causing the dysfunction?"

What conventional therapy failed to discover in 7 years, Step by Step Intensives was able to detect in 2 days. By day 3, my daughter was given the support equipment needed to execute proper pencil grip and by day 4 with the use of a biofeedback sensor, she developed awareness and was independently activating her jaw muscles in proper position to articulate her 's' words clearly. I finally feel I have a direction and a targeted therapy plan that I can implement at home, and most importantly, that it is achievable. The team here is top-notch and know what they are doing. They all worked together to treat my daughter as a whole and not work in silos.


Kamele's speech disorder stemmed from decreased tongue and jaw stability. A trial of EMG Biofeedback to improve awareness and muscle recruitment around her jaw and tongue base proved not only fun, but it also resulted in an immediate improvement in her articulation skills.

Watch her learn!

Kamele is working hard with her OT at Step by Step. With a good hand splint and a compression sleeve, she is able to improve her handwriting and her tremors disappear!

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