Step by Step CP Intensives 

a Gamechanger Approach

Developed by Karen Pape, MD and Pia Stampe, PT, DPT

Provided in any combination of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Feeding Therapy





A Step by Step CP Intensive will help you sort through this information based on your child's age and stage of brain and body development and the potential for change. The intensive provides a  comprehensive 3-5 day evaluation and treatment of current problems, skills and the potential for further improvement. We provide in-depth discussions of how your child's cerebral palsy affects function and wherever possible, guidelines to help you evaluate for yourself what are the best interventions to help you reach your family's goals.

Our programs are based on evidence-based and best practice interventions. Every therapist has a personal toolbox of what they know and what techniques they are most comfortable using. The size and variety of this toolbox varies by experience, interests and practice setting, but it is often limited by local availability and therapist preference. The intensive experience helps sort through the options to find the best interventions to consider for your child. This diagnostic/evaluative assessment will clearly identify which types of interventions are most capable of helping your child/teen at the time of the intensive and for the year that follows. There is no one-size-fits all program, but it is possible to chart out a roadmap for your child going forward. Together, we will write a detailed one-year plan at the end of the intensive.


Real change is possible for "children of all ages".


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Parent Comments


Leah, age 2

"The things we need to work on are manageable and reasonable and the goals that you have outlined are achievable - that is incredible for me. Before the intensive, I was scared  to think about her goals, but now I am excited. It is almost physio for dummies! This approach makes it so simple that we leave feeling empowered and not overwhelmed.

It has been incredible" - Leah's mother


Colton, age 2 1/2

" This was a set of blueprints for us. We did not know what direction to go. We have had so many professionals give us ideas about what Colton's life should look like. This was really just the way to bring everything together and to go home with a really solid plan.

To other parents: Believe that it is within your power (to help your child). I was prepared to be overwhelmed and I was not at all and I feel much more confident now" -Colton's parents


Jacob, age 6

" I learned more in a week than in his 4+ years of therapy. You explained it to us in a way that we have never head it laid out so now we understand what we have to do on our end and why. The most refreshing was the outside-the-box thinking, breaking it down and basically making it easy to understand - almost therapy for dummies - it is not as hard as it sometimes seems to be. It is hopeful to have an explanation and a plan" - Jacob's parents



Kate, age 8

" It was great. Kate learned things that are seemingly simple to us but incredibly difficult for her. Some of the interventions you did will be life changing for her. "What is your advice to other parents?" "phone Pia!". We found Step by Step from reading Dr. Pape's book and I only wish we had found her sooner" - Kate's mother


Oscar, age 9

"We have had many therapists and doctors, but no one looked at the whole Oscar. I knew some things, but to look at him as a whole and put together a plan, is just invaluable to me. There are very few places where we can come and get that type of help. I had great plans and visions for Oscar, but I could not find anywhere to help us do it. I finally know it is possible for him to be so much more and to be more able, to be more capable. We will be back!" - Oscar's mother


Max, age 14

Max: " it was a good experience. I learned so much that I thought: why didn't anyone do this before? It was three days of straight relief. We had many options, but now we have a straight forward option."

Max' mother: " I feel very appreciative of the whole picture. We have spent so much time and money going in circles, but never before have I felt that someone paid attention to the whole picture. I feel very grateful for that"

Mason, age 16

My son, who is almost 16 years old has been doing intense therapy sessions since he was 3.

Step by Step Intensives provided a different type of intense therapy, which we were not familiar with.

Dr. Pape and Pia have a different thought process: Alignment, Awareness, Recruitment and Strength. These 4 factors bring EVERYTHING together to get the function that my son, and YOUR child are capable of!

Mason's posture improved, he was able to rely on his legs vs. his canes to walk, he disclosed "I have control over my body" on day 2 and we were all able to see how certain strengthening exercises help with certain functions and why. The therapists were able to get him to understand that what he does and doesn't do will impact his life. He became more responsible, and willing as he saw results and saw the potential to accomplish more with harder work. We saw results on the first day and by the end of the week we are absolutely thrilled and ready to go home and take the "train like an athlete" program on! Exhilarating!

2 years later:

We are extremely proud of Mason but more proud and blessed to have come across the 2 of you! :)

You will be happy to know that Mason got this "dream job". He is now an employee of Madison Tree and Landscaping and is cutting grass for them, using a bob cat for loading, and other things. He started this week :)  He cut 3 acres yesterday and said it was the "best day of his life"!




Erik, age 49

"What an experience the 3 days has been1 I love the practical nature, the little parts that we can put together in everyday life.  I love the simplicity of it and how organized the protocol is. I am leaving with a different mindset and a great amount of hope and a belief that this is going to make a difference in having a quality life.

Erik's wife: When Erik has had pain and injuries we have gone to a number of doctors and therapists who have treated just one part of his body. Pia is the first person who looked at him as a whole person, looked at how everything in his body works together and helped us understand all the connections. We are leaving with tools to reach short and long term goals. We accomplished so much in the 3 days and we have a clear road map for the future. I am really excited and pleased!"

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Components of a Step by Step CP Intensive


Please note that we are NOT able to accept commercial insurance plans for Gamechanger CP Intensives.

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