9 months. Spastic quadriplegia

Ethan and his parents attended a 5 day intensive at Step by Step CP Intensives. He received physical therapy twice per day, which focused on improving alignment and positioning in order to reduce spasticity and improve motor control.

Parent teaching is a large component of our intensives and Ethan's parents left with much more knowledge about how CP affects Ethan. They learned how to support Ethan in developing good early motor habits by using alignment, positioning and proper handling.

We were all thrilled to see Ethan's progress! 

Day 1. Ethan had high muscle tone and had difficulty grasping and holding a toy. He could not bring a toy to his mouth

Day 5. Ethan's muscle tone is significantly reduced with alignment and positioning

Ethan had poor trunk and head control, but once he was in a TheraTog, he could bring his hands together. In the high chair with good positioning, Ethan could activate a toy and have fun!

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