Age 49. Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy

Erik completed a short intensive at Step by Step. The goal of the intensive was to complete an overall assessment and create a home program. Erik was experiencing increasing difficulty with mobility and he had debilitating pain in his back. He was falling frequently and had difficulty walking on uneven surfaces or in crowds.


Erik's assessment revealed that he had significant tightness in spastic muscle groups combined with overall weakness in his legs and hips. The tightness and weakness impacted Erik's gait, balance and coordination.


The intervention focused on creating a home program that would help Erik regain range of motion, strengthen weak muscles and improve overall balance and coordination. Erik's home program included a water training program and Threshold Electrical Stimulation to address his weak and atrophied (wasted) muscles.

Interview with Erik and his wife at the conclusion of the intensive

Note from Erik:

"Since meeting Pia, I have had the belief that something very significant was happening to me and  my mind was ready for that. What was so helpful was getting significant evidence  in the first couple of days of working with her.  There is so much that is different now with my daily routine.  I don't know day to day what is having more impact, but I have to believe I am doing the right thing.


Some of my disciplines are not new. I still go to the gym most mornings and ride the bike and lift weights, I still eat well and drink lots of water. There are however, lots of things that are different.  There are moments where certain parts of my new regimen seem to be having the most impact and times when other practices seem more significant.  Some parts of the routine are rewarding and others are an inconvenience. My thought is that it does not matter what is having the greatest impact; what matters is that I believe in the entire protocol.


I sit through assisted stretches that allow me to stand straighter than I can ever remember.  I sit daily in the Nada chair for 30 minutes. I go to the warm water pool regularly, with a specific program I follow when I get there. I wear a TES stimulation system to bed. This allows the front of my shins and thigh to be stimulated with a purpose while I sleep. I am getting a massage every couple of weeks and a pedicure once a month. There is also an increased awareness of how my body works.  I'm aware of how my shoes squeak differently when I slow down and make a conscious effort to make quality steps.  I'm thrilled to report that I have not fallen down since the intensive almost three months ago, something I used to do around every other week.


Meeting Pia and learning what I did during the intensive is a gift that has been given to me. "

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