Age 7. Spastic Quadriplegia with dystonia

Emelia was given funding for 10 days of intensive therapy at Step by Step Intensives.

During Emelia's first 2-day intensive, she received OT and PT. The focus was on improving Emelia's head control and to begin to teach her to move without using strong, spastic extension patterns.

Emelia struggled with feeding because of her high muscle tone and poor head control. She was fitted with a head pod and the change was immediate: she stopped choking on food, she was able to use her eye gaze communication device and within a few short weeks, she was able to stand up with much less assistance.


Testimonial from Emelia's mother after her first intensive at Step by Step:

I cannot thank the 3 of you enough. We have worked so hard with helping Emmi gain her strength, but it took the 3 of you to help break it down for me, to help me understand how she feels every day of her life, how much discomfort she has grown to accept as normal. With the addition of the headpod to help relax/strengthen those neck muscles we hope and pray to help teach her to gain better control over her body. None of this would be possible without you.

We will continue to update this page to chronicle Emelia's progress.

Two months after starting to use her head pod, Emelia was at Disney with her family and they sent us this amazing photo of her standing with Olaf!!

Following Emelia's first Step by Step CP Intensive, the team had a phone conference with Emelia's school therapy team. Emelia's mother reported back that the school team was amazed at Emelia's progress and they were totally on board with the approach!

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